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When Your Business Is Helping and Healing The World;
Nothing Is More Valuable Than Trusted, Reliable Financial Advisors

At Mordfin Group, we understand that your business is a commitment to the bigger picture, so our CPAs and experienced business advisors work with you year-round. Think of us as a working partner...

For over 90 years, we’ve earned an outstanding reputation for knowledge, accuracy and delivering consistently sound advice for Non-Profits and their Boards. Our experience and insight ensures that we provide your non-profit with the best guidance and accurate accounting services - so you can concentrate on what matters.

The Mordfin Difference: Non-Profit Companies Trust Us

  1. Our Genuine Commitment to Personal Service
    The world of Not-For-Profit Business is complex, and every client we work with has unique and specific needs. We take the time to understand your business from the inside out.
  2. We Objectively Spot Potential Problems
    Mordfin offers you a "Fresh Financial Eye" to identify issues that might cause your company setbacks, and we recommend valuable solutions consistent with your goals.
  3. Our Holistic, Collaborative Approach
    Our Company is Proactive & Results-Oriented. We're a creative problem solving company that works alongside you as your partner to navigate your financial well-being and ensure your business addresses its growing financial needs.
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Non-Profit Specialty Services


Tracking and accounting for the myriad financial transactions your non-profit company processes can be a tedious and error prone task. Mordfin's        Non-Profit accounting specialists can assist your company in maintaining complete, accurate and up-to-date financial records, with a focus on           Not-For-Profit specific accounting processes, regulations and compliance needs.

Financial Statement Preparation

Preparing financial statements can be simple or complex depending on the size of your company. Some statements need footnote disclosures while others can be presented without any. Details like this generally depend on the purpose of the financial statements. For instance, banks often want basic financials to verify that a company can pay its debts, while the SEC require audited financial statements from all public companies. Your Non-Profit has financial reporting requirments for board members and investors. Let Mordfin help you with these obligations and more...

Forming A Company

Every state has different regulations regarding the formation of a Non-Profit entity. The Mordfin Group has helped hundreds of Non-Profit Organizations get their start through the preparation and filing of 501(c)(3) documentation, and provided guidance on finances, board formation, and many other        Non-Profit specific needs.

Form 990 Preparation & Filing

Form 990 is the Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax - the main filing of all Non-Profit organizations. 990 is a bit different from other corporate tax filings, and Mordfin has extensive experience with this documentation. Trust us to guide your Not-For-Profit Organization in your tax preparation and filing.

1023 Form Filing (3 Year Budget)

Does your organization meet the requirements for Non-Profit filing? Mordfin can help you file Form 1023 - Application For Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We will enable you to determine eligibility, choose the right Foundation Classification, determine if you can file 1023(EZ) and more...

Non-Profit Audits

Does your nonprofit need to have an independent audit? Not every charitable nonprofit is required to conduct an independent audit. Some nonprofits, because of the size of their annual budgets or because of the sources of their funding, are required by state or federal law to conduct an independent audit. In other situations, a charitable nonprofit has a choice whether or not to conduct an independent audit. The Mordfin Group can help you determine the need for an audit, conduct independent audits, and ensure your Non-Profit's compliance with all State and Federal Audit requirements.


Beyond Your Not-For-Profit Business - We Can Simplify All Your Business Financial Needs

We'll work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan based on your unique needs and long-term vision for your business.

Education Funding

Employee Benefits

Insurance Analysis

Charitable Giving

Wealth Protection & Planning

Compensation Planning

Succession Planning

Mordfin Group Promises Confidence & Peace of Mind

We serve clients throughout the Tri-State area. And we’re available whenever you need help or advice. We can meet with you in our office or yours, and we can work remotely, assuring your sensitive data is securely protected.

Find out more. Contact us to schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss your business and how Mordfin Group can help you turn challenges into opportunities to reach your goals.

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